Fotos: Marcelo Soubhia, Julia Rodrigues , Gustavo Scatena, André Conti e Sérgio Caddah / Agência Fotosite

1. Colcci. Beleza: Max Weber (cabelo) e Henrique Martins (maquiagem).
2. Gloria Coelho. Beleza: Fernando Torquatto (O Boticário, maquiagem) e Sérgio G (cabelo).
3. Animale. Beleza: Max Weber.
4. Alexandre Herchcovitch. Beleza: Celso Kamura.
5. Juliana Jabour. Beleza: Henrique Martins.
6. Têca. Beleza: Fabiana Gomes (MAC).
7. Samuel Cirnansck. Beleza: Celso Kamura.
8. Colcci. Beleza: Max Weber (cabelo) e Henrique Martins (maquiagem).
9. Acquastudio. Beleza: Robert Estevão (Nars).
10. Ellus. Beleza: Robert Estevão.




  • Dave

    reading this messege got me thniking again ok i believe in God, i’m convinced of his existence. i do not know if he is just a powerful energy or if he has a phisical form like we do. i asked this question why doesn’t God let us see him? and the answer that i got even though is a valid one it didn’t convinced me. answer: but don’t you see God is everywhere he is in nature, in the eyes of a child, he manifest himself through love. i just think life would be different with God here on earth. and even though i respect everyone beliefs, i think this would be a peaceful world without no religion. or if i shoul say One religion where we all worship the same God

  • Jonni

    cesar – hello how are you, how you arrived at your home, all the girls were like my dteahgur Yasmin that was very good as you know each of the girls who were like my baby was looking at the picture you took of the beautiful girl is beautiful I hope to God you want to see you all next year a big hug from his friend Cesar is always in my heart and in my every day reminds thank you for a while knows I know it was a short time but was especially

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